SE "Srbijašume", FA "Avala", Avalska 79, 11223 Beli potok 011/390-6626, 011/390-6619 Work hour: 07-15

Plant Nursery

The first plant nursery was founded in 1897. The Forest Uniti "Avala" officially started working on 01 January 1900. Today, in the territory of city of Belgrade, the Forest Uniti "Avala" manages the forest and forest land on an area of app. 2,500 hectares. 40 employees are engaged in raising, growing, protecting and exploiting forests. Large regular works are conducted on maintenance of picnic areas of Avala, and landscapes of exceptional features protection and development mostly financed from the City’s budget. The following urban forests are under it jurisdiction: Avala, Košutnjak, Stepin Lug, Miljakovačka Forest, Forest in Makiš and part of Ada Ciganlija, Forest in Trešnja and Forest on Gročanska Ada.