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Sakinac one of the four springs on Avala. There are three more springs on Avala: Ledinac - popularly known as Ladne vode, Vranovac and Kamenac. Incidentally, the raw spring water is not for drink from a few years ago. The reason is high-chromium-content above the allowed level. Twice a month, throughout the year water quality testing is performed by the City Secretariat for Public Health of Belgrade. In principle, occasional intake of the water is not harmful, but its long-term and daily consumption may have a negative impact on human health. The origin of chromium metal is from the very geological base of the surrounding terrain and it is not anthropogenic origin. The Sakinac name of the spring is an interesting issue. It comes from the word saka of Arabic origin. Namely, in the times when Belgrade did not have a developed water supply network as it does today, the citizens were supplied with the water by sakadzije. These were people who brought water from springs and welled in saka. Saka was a barrel of some 150-200 liters on a two-wheeler with horse-drawn carriage. Đorđe Vajfert one of the first Serbian industrialists used water from the spring Sakinac to produce beer in his brewery. That is why this drinking fountain was once called "Weifert's Fountain".

Drinking Fountain