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"URBFORDAN" - management and use of forests as natural heritage in the cities of the Danube region

In honor of celebrating June 5 - World Environment Day, the City Administration, through the departmental Secretariat for Environmental Protection, organized a presentation of two European projects: "URBforDAN" and "Terifika" on Kalemegdan in the pavilion near the "Borba" fountain. On that occasion, as part of the URBforDAN project, Dr. Mihailo Ratknić, an expert in the field of forestry, presented the Strategic and Operational Plan for the extension of the protected area to the "Suplja stena" forest, which belongs to the GJ "Avala", because on the territory of Serbia, Avala was chosen as the area for which the Urbfordan project will be realized, because it is located in the immediate vicinity of the capital. Dr. Ratknić's interesting and dynamic lecture brought to the attention of the interested visitors to the meeting in Kalemegdan, how the active participation of key actors in integrated planning will be ensured. Valuing ecosystem services through a participatory process to obtain integrated management plans for multiple uses at strategic and operational levels is presented. The operational plan is implemented in stages and represents the implementation of the strategic plan in stages. The need for the operational plan to be aligned with the basis for forest management was highlighted, and its further elaboration would be done on the basis of the City's planning documents. The operational plan would be harmonized with the dynamics of the implementation of the Manager's Business Program and the Annual Programs of the protected area. After the completion of the project, the best solution would be to fit the operational plan into the Existing Forestry Plans and Plans and Programs for the Management of the Protected Area, although the City may envisage the development of a separate plan. At the end of the lecture, the planned content and activities in the extended protected area were presented. The plan envisages the installation of: Gazebos, hunting lodges that would have the function of a panoramic view of the forest landscape, wooden canopies, signposts, seating and an electronic information desk. The construction of two green footbridges and the educational-developmental-educational center "Hollow Rock" is also planned. The reconstruction of the fountain at the entrance to Avala, the fountain on Čarapićeva brest, Suva česma and Kraljeva česma, as well as the creation of an Arboretum, a Botanical Garden and a nursery, are planned. The possibility of improving the existing teaching location: Mine "Crveni breg" - Faculty of Mining and Geology, as well as the construction of a wooden model of the medieval town of Žrnov, was mentioned. By presenting two scientific papers from the field of forestry, Dr. Vladan Popović enabled the attendees to get to know the specifics of the tree species that exist in Avala. On behalf of the Center for the Promotion of Science, with her presentation on the essence of the "Terrifica" project, Dr. Tanja Adnađević, the project manager, enabled the present visitors to find out how citizens will be able to mark certain locations on the interactive map, with the creation of an account beforehand, where the heat it affects the most, with an explanation of whether the climate challenge is well or badly solved and what can be done. After the aforementioned lectures, the city secretary, Ivana Vilotijević, greeted all those present, thanked them for the visit and emphasized the importance of environmental protection, which is dealt with by the departmental secretariat, and stated that in the name of preserving and improving the health of citizens, they will continue to work diligently towards that goal, which is The Secretariat for Environmental Protection set up thirty years ago.

Anđelka Jevtović, Graduate Engineer of Landscape Architecture